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OBM - AFG Angular Force Generator - New Alternative Energy Solution

whirlwind-network.com Check out this most amazing invention. Seems to be more practical then most I have seen. Eco-Friendly gravity concept, no batteries or emissions, no harm to the winged ones or any creation, cost effective, cheaper than solar and wind power, less intrusive to Mother Earth, her creatures and us humans. The AFG here is basically obsolete and has been replace by the MAFG - Multi Angular Force Generator. It is said that in the near future, he MAFG can produce enough power for;...
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The Energy Crisis in America

www.successfulenergysolutions.com Learn how you can improve the quality of your life, reduce your electricity bill, and take advantage of the largest growing industry of the century Renewable Energy! Share this video with your friends and family!
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Strategic Energy Solutions Featured on Fox 2

For more information and contact information at www.sesnet.com
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Victory Energy Solutions LLC (877) 306-4483

Victory Energy Solutions is a full service energy management firm. We strive to bring about the most recent technological and ecological sciences to the marketplace, in order to provide our customers with the best alternatives for their energy management needs. Victory Energy Solutions will demonstrate the measurable costs reduction on your utility bill. Lower your carbon footprint. Improve the air quality and comfort of the environment where you live, work and play. (877) 306-4483
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Magitek Energy Solutions Inc.

Magitek Energy Solutions Inc. BMBNow Site: MagitekEnergy.BmbNow.com Website www.paul@magitekenergy.com We have a solution for your energy generation needs. We are offering some of the most exciting cutting edge products to ever hit the electrical market. This coupled with cost effective, first rate installations and complete customer support makes Magitek Energy Solutions your best value.
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All Energy Solutions

All Energy Solutions is the first nationwide network of clean energy endorser since 2002. We are independent consultants who sell wind turbines along with photovoltaic panels and other various green energy products. For More Information Call (888) 697-6490 Or To View Our Products Visit Our Website At www.solarenergy-services.com
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Innowattech Alternative Energy Harvesting System Roads Solution

www.innowattech.co.il The Innowattech system is applicable to asphalt, concrete or composite concrete and asphalt roads. It may be installed in new roadways or while resurfacing of existing road ways is being performed. The busier the roadway the more energy is produced. Heavier vehicle produce more energy.
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Energy efficient drive application - Alternative compressor solutions

Energy-efficient production - www.siemens.com In this compressor application, the total output is spread out on to 3 smaller compressors out of efficiency reasons. While the first compressor is regulated by the frequency converter SINAMICS G120P to the system pressure, the other two compressors are switched on automatically with SIRIUS direct starter or soft starter. With this solution a perfect combination of variable and fixed speed drives provide the whole compressor pressure. While the...
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Students Investigate Alternative Energy Solutions at Intel ISEF 2011

Finalists share research on more effective wind turbines, solar cells and biofuels.
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Ethan Berkowitz on Alternative Energy Solutions

At the HACA Candidates' Forum, I was asked: "What are some alternative fuel / alternative energy proposals you bring to the table?" I couldn't have asked for better question. I am passionate about alternative energy, and my answer shows that.
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